Top Microsoft Surface Pro Covers and Cases: Which Is Best For You?

The Surface Pro hasn’t been on the market for long, but there are already a multitude of different covers and cases you purchase in order to make it more functional or keep it protected. Covers and cases keep your device secure, looking fresh and can even make tasks like typing, easier. We’ll go through the various styles and explain the benefits they bring.

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover

The Touch Cover is designed by Microsoft for the Surface. It’s a sleek, attractive slim cover that links to the Surface via a proprietary connection. The really neat thing is, on the inside, you have a fully functional, touch/pressure sensitive keyboard with a capacitive track pad. Together with the kickstand on the Surface, it transforms the tablet into a miniature laptop.

It’s flexible and non-intrusive. It can be folded back should you not wish to use the keyboard. The smart thing about folding it back is that the keyboard is automatically disabled, preventing unintentional key inputs.

At just 3.25mm thick and less than 0.46lbs in weight, it adds functionality and protection while being ‘barely there’. It’s available in a multitude of colours (magenta, red, cyan, white and black) for people who prefer different styles to match their preferences or personalities. There are even limited edition covers which retail for a little more ($129) for those looking for something extra special.

It retails for $119.99.

Microsoft Surface Type Cover

The Type Cover is also designed by Microsoft. Much like the Touch Cover, it links to the Surface Pro via a proprietary connection. The difference is that instead of having a touch sensitive Surface for the keys, it offers individual, tactile keys (mechanical keys) for a more familiar and comfortable typing experience. Just like the Touch Cover, it has a capacitive track pad but this is better suited to users who will be doing a lot of typing as it allows for a fast work rate and a significantly more comfortable typing experience.

It is designed for users who want to be productive. It even features a full row of function keys (F1 to F12), shortcut keys and media controls.

The downside is that this cover is 6mm thick, nearly twice as thick as the Touch Cover. It also weighs a little bit more than the Touch Cover at 0.55lbs.

The Type Cover retails at $129.99 and is only available in black.

Incipio Sleeve

The Incipio Sleeve is a nylon sleeve style case designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro. It’s a very simple case with faux fur lining in order to minimize the chances of scratching. It’s a simple, low cost case for the style conscious that keeps your Surface Pro secure and protected. Like the Surface Touch Cover, it comes in various colors, namely black, cyan and red. This case retails at $39.99.

Armor Suit MilitaryShield

It’s hard to believe that this is actually a protective ‘cover’ but it works rather well! It is an adhesive carbon fibre film specifically made to fit the Surface Pro meaning all ports and jacks are left open for use.

Armor Suit, the company behind this case, claim the material in their adhesive films is the same material used to protect army helicopters and aircraft. The material also self-resolves meaning any minor bumps or scratches seemingly disappear over time. It also comes with a UV screen protector to protect against scratches, liquid spills and dust.

The advantage is that being only a sticker, it adds negligible weight and thickness to your tablet. It has a cool carbon fibre weave look which is pleasing to the eye. Further, it’s very reasonably priced for such a sophisticated piece of kit. It retails at just $29.99.

Duragadget Durable Memory Foam Case

This clever case from Duragadget contains a foam layer which foams a barrier that resists impacts. Accidental drops and knocks are absorbed by the layer, leaving your precious tablet in pristine condition.

You can use your tablet in the case as it has elastic straps to hold it in place. It also opens like a laptop so if you’ve already got one of the smart Touch or Type Covers and need extra protection, you can them in the case as it also has straps to hold the keyboard extensions in place.

The only tricky bit is holding the case upright as it doesn’t allow you to use the kickstand neither does it come with one. But at just $15, it has a lot to offer with little in the way of drawbacks.

MoKo Rotatory Detachable Type / Touch Keyboard Cover Companion Sleeve

The name is a bit of a mouthful but it best describes just what this ingenious case is all about. The Case can act as a folio case (a case that opens and closes like a book). Not only that, it has a built in kick stand, meaning it can be supported for watching films or typing. Speaking of typing, the case also has room for Microsoft’s Touch or Type keyboard extensions.

It can even swivel upon its own stand to change orientation from landscape to portrait. It can also act as a sleeve and features a hand strap which makes it easier to use with one hand or even carry around. The case also comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. It is listed at $69.99 but generally retails for around $25.00.

Which One Is Best For You?

Ultimately, there are many factors that will determine the cover or case you’ll eventually choose. Whether you do a lot of typing on the move, or prefer something that looks sleek or stylish, there’s a case for you. Perhaps you are accident prone and drop things a lot, or you want something unassuming so that no one sees that you’re carrying a valuable piece of electronic equipment. It could even be a combination of all these different scenarios. The decision is ultimately yours. We can be certain of one thing though – you won’t be short of options.

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