How to Tether Surface Pro with your Android Phone

Your Surface Pro comes fully equipped with the kind of connectivity and functionality that rivals most other devices. However, the one thing that it does not have is built in cellular function to get online access.

Fortunately, if you are on an Android device, there is an easy (and free) solution to enabling a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone.

The answer is FoxFi. Foxfi gives you a Wi-Fi hotspot as well as USB Tether and Bluetooth. The Foxfi app works on most Samsung/Motorola/ LG phones and new HTC phones with Android 4.0.

foxfi app
Wireless hotspot is just an app away

How to set-up your WiFi without actually tethering it

First, if you can install Foxfi directly from Play Store. However, your carrier may have delisted Foxfi since it avoids their tether plan.* If that is the case, follow the steps below.

If you are unable to install from Play Store you have to follow these steps:

1. Uninstall the existing version of Foxfi if you already have it.

2. In phone Settings->Security make sure “Unknown Sources” is checked.

2. Tap here to download the Foxfi app.

3. From phone notifications select the downloaded file. This will install the latest Foxfi.

Alternatively, if you have a PC you can install Foxfi on the computer side instead from here. This will push Foxfi to your phone and also allows you to connect in USB mode.

foxfi app enabled
This is the screen when it’s connected

*Note: Your carrier may block WiFi mode if your phone is updated to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1 or above).

Here are some tips for optimal usage of Foxfi:

1. On some models you may run into WiFi problems after using the Hotspot. To fix this, simply reboot your phone and rename the hotspot before activating.

2. If your computer is not able to get an IP address, try turning on WiFi on the phone first and make sure it does not connect to any WiFi network, then turn on FoxFi.

3. FoxFi has been tested on non-rooted phones. If your phone has a rooted ROM it may or may not work.

4. When the WiFi hotspot is activated you may also see a hotspot notification of the built-in WiFi hotspot feature. Just ignore this. As long as you do not sign up for a tether plan you won’t be charged.

5. Don’t forget – if you enter or change the hotspot password, make sure you rename the hotspot also before activating.


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