Best Antivirus Protection for Your Windows 8.1 Preview

 best antivirus protection for windows 8.1 preview

The tech space is currently buzzing with reports of anti-virus software not being compatible with the now publicly released Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview. Antivirus software giants like Symantec (Norton Antivirus) have made swift announcements to let their customers and users know that they’re working on a fix soon.

Antivirus incompatibility isn’t the end of the world as Windows 8.1 Preview is extremely secure in its stock set up, however, users would still like to have the option of installing an antivirus program of their choice.

Thankfully, people have been reporting success with a number of antivirus programs which do a great job of protecting your computer from malicious scripts, viruses and attacks. Here are few programs that have been confirmed to work with Windows 8.1 preview.

1. WebRoot Secure Anywhere – WebRoot’s own forums have reported a lot of success with their Secure Anywhere PC protection bundle. It’s noteworthy to mention that the program is causing some odd behaviour in programs like Firefox i.e. freezes and also general freezes in Windows.

They aren’t terminal and will go away if you wait, but it’s worth mentioning should you experience the same thing. WebRoot offers a number of antivirus packages which protect against threats (viruses, spyware etc.), give identity protection (blocks phishing attacks) and stop viruses from changing your computer’s settings. You can test your Windows 8.1 preview with their free 14-day trial.

2. Emsisoft AntiMalware/Internet Security Pack – Emsisoft’ products appear to have no compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview. The forums report a seamless installation and trouble-free functionality. Their anti-malware product boasts comprehensive protection against viruses/spyware/malware, threat protection and restricted access to sites known to contain malware.

It also boasts an online armor/firewall which thwarts key logging software, protects banking details and blocks suspicious data transfers. Currently, there aren’t any reports that highlight any impaired Windows functionality or odd behaviour due to this antivirus software. It appears to be working properly.

3. Windows Defender – Yes, this comes with the Windows 8.1 Preview package, and most people will be quick to disregard it, but Windows Defender has come a long way. It’s greatest advantage is its ‘barely there’ functionality, as it very minimally impacts overall computer performance, unlike some cumbersome antivirus programs which use too much RAM and slow your computer down.

Some antivirus programs can demand so much of a computer’s resources, the actual computer begins to run hot. Defender has been beefed up in Windows 8.1 with new features such as ‘behaviour monitoring’ and a ‘PC health service’. It also scans for malware very quickly and best of all, it’s free!

So long as you’re sensible about your internet use, Windows 8.1 Preview will remain secure without any other antivirus program except Windows Defender. The biggest liability after-all, is usually in-between the chair and the keyboard.

4. AVG 2013/Beta 2014 – The AVG Blog has announced that their current AVG 2013 works fine with Windows 8.1, however, a program compatibility assistant dialog pops up ‘in rare cases’ when it is installed. It shouldn’t affect the performance of the product, however. AVG claim to be working on a fix to remedy this, although they have released a beta of the 2014 antivirus package which promises to not have any compatibility issues whatsoever.

AVG antivirus software is arguably the most popular free antivirus packages out there, with the free package stopping threats, viruses and malware. Their Internet security package allows for safe sharing and downloading of files, email protection, instant messaging virus protection, banking and online shopping protection among other things, not to mention free phone support. They also include a PC Tune up which optimises your computer and makes it run more smoothly. They have a free 30 day trial with their Internet security software.

Windows 8.1 Preview’s first few days have been a touch chaotic, but the dust is beginning to settle and everyone is starting to find their feet. It’s easy to forget that this is not an official release, but a beta release. Microsoft will use a lot of the feedback they get to properly tune up their software so that the official release is so much more polished and seamlessly functional. Still, on the antivirus side of things, the options are many for an OS being purported as ‘antivirus incompatible’. Yes, some antivirus programs don’t currently work, but there are choices available. Also, those that aren’t working will be updated to function normally in the very near future.

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